How to Reduce Cholesterol Oxidation

How to Reduce Cholesterol Oxidation

“How to Reduce Cholesterol Oxidation” A significant body of evidence
indicates that oxidized cholesterol may be one of the main triggers
of Alzheimer’s disease. But that’s not all. Cholesterol oxidation products
are associated with the initiation and progression of
multiple major chronic diseases, including heart disease,
diabetes, and kidney failure. And they’re produced when
animal products are heated. All forms of cooking can do it, since you
can get maximum cholesterol oxidation at only about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. But is there some type of cooking
that’s worse than others? Well, if you look at foal meat,
which is like baby horse meat, higher levels of oxidation in general
were found in microwaved meat. And indeed, microwaving chicken
or beef appears to produce about twice as much
cholesterol oxidation than frying. Whereas if you look at bacon, raw bacon wasn’t found to
have any oxidized cholesterol. It has cholesterol,
like all animal products, but it’s not oxidized
until you cook it. Grilling seems to be the
safest the first time around, but then when you put it
back in the fridge and reheat it later using the
same method, they all shoot up. It’s not just heat, though. Although levels in raw
meats are usually low, concentrations tend to
increase dramatically after exposure to pro-oxidation
agents such as light. What are you supposed to do, crawl inside the pig and
eat the bacon from the inside? No. You could wrap the
meat in red plastic wrap. Clear plastic wrap doesn’t seem
to work, but the red blocks some of the light waves and
can delay cholesterol oxidation. This was for horse meat slices. The problem is worse
with sliced meat products because more of the meat
is exposed to air and light. Same problem with ground meat;
it’s just so much more exposed. Unless you keep meat in
some kind of vacuum pack, even in a dark refrigerator
the oxygen exposure alone can shoot up oxidation levels. Or in the freezer. Yeah, cooking raw fish can
boost levels from 8 to 18, but after a few months
frozen fish—even raw— starts out about ten times higher
and just goes up from there. And in terms of which meat is
the worst, microwaved or fried, chicken was twice as bad as beef. The reason, it seems, has to do
with the polyunsaturated fat content of the muscle, which goes fish, then
poultry, then pork, then beef, then lamb. So white meat is more susceptible
to cholesterol oxidation. Yes, red meat has more saturated fat, but fish and chicken tend to build
up more oxidized cholesterol. So, chicken and roasted salmon have
been shown to generate greater amounts of cholesterol oxidation
products than other types of meat. Surprisingly though, the highest increase
of oxidized cholesterol in salmon was found through steaming, mainly just
because it’s exposed to heat longer. Cholesterol oxidation increased
after each cooking procedure, but steaming increased the total
amount by more than 1000%. There are two ways chicken
meat may pull ahead, though. One is if you feed the chickens
rancid fat in the first place. And unfortunately, all sorts of
substandard stuff ends up at the rendering plant to
be turned into animal feed. And also irradiation. When chicken meat is irradiated
to improve food safety from an infectious disease standpoint, it may diminish food safety from
a chronic disease standpoint. But, hey, it’s better than
dying from salmonella. In terms of dairy, in my
last video I talked about the potential dangers of ghee, which
made me wonder about UHT milk, which stands for ultra-high
temperature processing, to make those little half-and-half
no-refrigeration-needed coffee creamers. That does seem to boost oxidized
cholesterol levels by about 50%, worse than just regular pasteurization, though interestingly if you can find goat
milk half-and-half, that would be safer. Same problem with eggs. Egg powder in processed
foods is good for shelf life but may not be so good
for human life. So that’s like packaged
food with eggs in it, like pasta, many baked
goods, mayonnaise. So even people who stay
away from egg eggs may still be unwittingly exposed through processed foods
if they don’t read the label. If it’s all about oxidation, why not just
add synthetic or natural antioxidants to the animal products themselves? They’ve certainly tried, like what about adding lemon
balm tea to hamburger patties? It didn’t work, but
that’s likely because they couldn’t add enough
without affecting the taste. What about adding cherries? They’re red, would blend right in.
And it worked! Two different types of tart
cherries significantly reduced the cholesterol oxidation, but meat with a cherry on top
seems a little out of place. How about just good
old garlic and onions? Here’s the amount of oxidized
cholesterol in a plain pork chop, significantly reduced by
adding onion and garlic, though interestingly in chicken
cholesterol oxidation was helped by sage, but not garlic. In fact, garlic may even
accelerate fat oxidation. So, there are several
measures that can be taken to reduce cholesterol
oxidation in foods: reducing the total cholesterol content
in food by not cooking food with cholesterol-containing fat
like butter or lard; maybe we can feed animals antioxidants
before or add them afterwards; use as-low-a-temperature
to cook as possible; use some kind of opaque
vacuum packing or something. But if you take a step back,
only foods that start out with cholesterol can end up
with oxidized cholesterol. So, the primary method, in terms of
reducing cholesterol oxidation in foods, may be to reduce the total
cholesterol content of the food, not just by avoiding
adding extra with butter, but instead centering one’s diet
around whole plant foods, which don’t have any cholesterol
to get oxidized in the first place.

46 thoughts on “How to Reduce Cholesterol Oxidation

  1. Do UHT treated non-dairy milks pose more of a risk because of the way they are treated? The aseptic packs of almond or soy milk, for example.

  2. What is your opinion about which the people from the Balkans have consumed for centuries in the local form of yogurt (it's not Greek yogurt). Shall we continue to consume the yogurt or you think it's better to take the pills with the good bacteria?

  3. The natural colour of meat (because of oxidation) would scare most consumers. That's why it is treated (irradiated etc.) and also sold in places where there is a special light.

  4. Several measures! What about avoiding animal products? I am vegan. This grosses me out. Why eat animals when you do not have to? I get my omega from various nuts and seeds. I eat all organic and I get my b-12 from organic microorganisms etc. You do NOT need to consume animal foods or dairy to get your vitamins. Even vitamin D can be extracted from mushrooms and other fungi if you live in northern latitudes.

  5. Thanks for this informative video. While I do not eat animal products, I have pets that do – so it is fantastic to hear about how to reduce cholesterol oxidation for their sake.

  6. His presentation sounds like Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC! Any heat oxidizes cholesterol which in turn makes it bad to eat IF your body is unable to deal with the oxidation. The primary concern here is trying our best to prevent LDL from becoming oxidized. High LDL is not the problem like most people and some physicians may think. Oxidized LDL is the killer and because our diets are full of Omega 6 rich foods it causes an imbalance of Omega 3s. Our body's can handle a modest amount of both these essential oils. However, too much of either one is not good, but to prevent oxidation our intake of Omega 3s should outweigh the Omega 6s. The answer is to cut back on the Omega 6 foods and let our liver handle the oxidation if it can as it takes CoQ10 to get the job done. Problem with this is most physicians are prescribing statins to control or lower cholesterol and statins deplete CoQ10 levels. So, now you end up with lower cholesterol, but a lot of the LDL is oxidized so basically your shooting yourself in the foot UNLESS you supplement with CoQ10. Even then, cholesterol is used by our body's for so many functions and trying to artificially lower it is not the answer! Cholesterol is used to repair and rebuild the body. If it's high it's because you are eating an inflammatory diet. Stop damaging your body and reverse inflammation and your cholesterol will decrease, it's really that simple! Much more to this.. Visit my site for more info and for a personal consultation as I have nearly 30 years experience on health and wellness.

  7. Lol!!! 😂 I love you. That was hot. The sarcasm had me rolling. But seriously, thank you for being one of the few people who include backup documentation in your health education videos. Most people just make statements and provide no validation or backup. They just expect you to accept what they are saying as truth. Blessings 2 u in all that u do. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Never quit! Hard work pays off, not immediately but certainly!
    All you need to do is – Push harder & Eat right.
    If you want to know more check my website!

  9. What about fish oil, are they really rancid (oxidated) and therefore unsafe?

    What about receiving irradiated packed red blood cells for blood transfusion?

  10. What is this nonsense "when animal products are heated" LDL and cholesterol are completely different substances.

    LDL is made in the body and is used to transport mostly fats and oils but also a tiny proportion of the content is cholesterol.

    LDL is made from fatty acids, the fatty acids most prone to oxidation when heated are polyunsaturated fatty acids (whether free fatty acids or in triglycerides).

    Animal fats are LOWEST in polyunsaturated fats while many vegetable fats can be the HIGHEST in saturated fats.

    Not all though, this isn't me being anti vegan, vegans can choose olive oil and coconut oil, this is the author of this video being anti-meat! He CANNOT blame this on not being vegan, the science does NOT support it.

  11. I wish I had teeth like a cow, but I don’t I eat meat because I like it and I take a lot of anti oxidants and eat anti oxidant plants. Those incisors we have aren’t for grazing out in some field. My family all live way into their nineties, they are farmers and ranchers and drink milk, eat meat, and work hard.

  12. Oxidized cholesterol also builds up in your bloodstream by eating excess polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found in vegetable oils

  13. Interesting…I've switched to a "plant based diet" past 2 years, time to go all in…Vegan. I would love to see results of alzheimers in persons who were vegan. Dealing with alzheimers with my dad…his mom before him, I'm doomed.

  14. So non oxidized cholesterol is not bad for health? Can we eat raw organic yolks then? They are full of nutrients

  15. saw that coming because it was incoherent. barbequed chicken recently to perfection , I had a big salad ; dogs got the chicken. Just couldn't do it.
    Monsanto ruined that

  16. Dr Greger and team – Thank you. Just thank you. You have no idea the help you're giving worldwide. The stories i could tell you about the last 2 years since i discovered your channel! Here in Africa where we have poor health care and we can't afford the meds and treatment, plus where we're unthinkingly adopting wholesale western diets and lifestyles your info is invaluable. Just thank you!

  17. Why does every cardiologist suggest to eat salmon twice a month for better cholesterol levels? Internet is full of websites showing its effect on reducing cholesterol. I'm confused now !

  18. A buddy of mind has been having medications due to the cholesterol level clinically determined on him. Seafoods aren`t on his diet program thus a decision to be in this path is easy for him. Having this unique cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) is the very best option for him. Soon after a few weeks his cholesterol level have lowered and also the tablets are super easy to get. They don`t leave an aftertaste. .

  19. This is the worst news ever for meat eaters. I used to drink those little half and half when I was a kid Bc I pretended it was a little milk… idk weirdo. Let’s just say when I was a child I thought as a child and ….. dear God have mercy!

  20. my grandparents are both 96 years old, they both have moderate-to-high "Total" cholesterol for decades and never had a heart attack or any heart related problems. They live in a Mediterranean country, so they are on a Mediterranean diet since birth. These "aged" people don't know any of these "scientific" facts we now know because of the internet, they do not know what HDL and LDL are, and don't know what Oxidized LDL is. When I saw their lipid profile results I was surprised and I had to ask them "how the hell they are so healthy".. The answers were simple:

    – "We don't understand cholesterol. But we understand eating "moderate." Eat whatever you like but never overdo it"
    – "After a fatty meal day we eat "legumes" such as lentils, beans, and peas for 2-3 days straight. This way we keep what we eat moderate and in balance."

    For more detail, as I understand, their weekly meal program is at follows:

    Monday: Legumes
    Tuesday: Lots of fish (because the fish market is open during this day)
    Wedneday: Legumes
    Thursday: Legumes
    Friday: usually some healthy "oven" food.. or sometimes they can eat their "pasta" this day.
    Saturday: Legumes
    Sunday: Meat based food..

    -Salad with every meal
    -Olive oil always on all meals even in cooking
    -They don't eat fried food, if they do it will be fried vegetables on a Friday or Sunday with meat.
    -They don't smoke.
    -of course they don't eat Fast Food. probably once every 2-3 months just for the taste.
    -AND THEY DONT KNOW OF ANY 5-6 meal plan!!!! They eat simple breakfast such as boiled eggs or butter on a loaf of bread – nothing fried.. Their dinner… and probably a yogurt before bed – and their weight is in check!!!

  21. I obtained this specific cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for my Dad and also he`s got better cholesterol readings and also decrease blood pressure readings. This is certainly a good quality option, he tried out many other treatments yet this extraordinary one gave him better cholesterol and also sugar numbers, he’ll adhere to them from now on. .

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