Danny’s Story – The Importance of Diabetic Eye Screening

Danny’s Story – The Importance of Diabetic Eye Screening

My name is Danny I am 35 years old And I have type 1 Diabetes Like many young men I felt invincible I thought sight loss was something that happened to other people. It couldn’t happen to me. Then one day I remember standing at the station I couldn’t read the map opposite I just thought it was tiredness, thought “I should get my eyes checked soon”. But I never made the appointment, maybe because I was scared or just lazy. But things got worse, until I had no option
but to go to eye casualty at St Thomas’ Hospital. The doctors told me that I had serious diabetic eye changes which were too advanced to treat I’m now blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. My vision will never return. My life has totally changed The little things I used to do without thinking are now difficult or impossible. I can’t lead a normal life anymore. And it could have been avoided. Most eye problems can be fixed if they’re found early enough So please get your eyes checked at your screening appointment. It’s quick and it’s simple. My sight could have been saved if I’d checked them earlier So next time you look in the mirror, turn
on the TV or enjoy a sunset please think about how you take these things for granted and what life would be like without them. Don’t be blind to the possibility of sight loss.

12 thoughts on “Danny’s Story – The Importance of Diabetic Eye Screening

  1. Thanks for the video and a lesson to all. Thanks Danny sorry to hear this has happened mate. Good luck with the PhD 👍👍

  2. Please share this video with anyone you know that has diabetes (especially type 1). Sight loss is preventable if caught early enough.

  3. I don't know if Danny will see this or not. I'm sorry this happened but you are spreading awareness to others which is good. I've been a Type 1 Diabetic for 50 yrs. So far thankfully my eyes are ok. I get them checked every year. I've done this religiously for years. This and kidney issues are my two biggest fears. So far I'm good on both of those. I do have some complications but nothing that is to a huge degree. I hope you can have an exceptional life even with your compromised sight. Life is precious. I try and take it one day at a time as much as possible.

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