Cyberpunk 2077 MAP HEART ATTACK (Size explained)

Cyberpunk 2077 MAP HEART ATTACK (Size explained)

Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to the MadQueen show! I am your host the MadQueen On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 video for you, and I’m googling the telephone number of the Trauma Team because
I’m about to have a heart attack, and here is why… So, I’ve been commenting lately that I made
a wrong estimation about the size of the map, basically due to my inability to properly
read! And understanding “South” when I read
“North” and, yes, this has provoked a a burst of well-deserved laughter, but I shall
say in my defense that I never said I wasn’t stupid So, thanks to the inestimable help of Talsorian
Games’ ambassador, because I don’t know what we people on YouTube would do without
him, I stand corrected and I think I’ve never been happier of being wrong in my life
because this is awesome! Before we start, the usual disclaimer before
you tell me that I shall tell you: we know that everything we saw so far of Cyberpunk
2077 is a work in progress, so it’s subject to change, hope not much because, you’ll
see And also please note that this is speculation,
so I’ll give you all the facts that took me to believe this and you will judge by yourself So, the thing is that due to my lack of properly
understanding what North means, no seriously, I’m going to be the first joking about it
for weeks, I understood that the map shown in the metro at the beginning of the trailer
was more or less this big, which is not bad at all, to give you an example of the size,
this part here that is the old Night City downtown if, and the IF here is very important,
IF CD Projekt RED is keeping the original sizes of things in Cyberpunk 2020, would more
or less equate to this map of Prague in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, being Cyberpunk a little
bigger, so I think that a map this big is to be considered a big map, even more, if
we count verticality Yep, pretty big But, if this was a thing, there were a couple
of details that bugged me First the obvious, it would be very weird
to keep the old Corporate Center out of the map, being the most important part of the
lore and also where the main adventures took place, like the attack to the Arasaka Tower
in 2022 that is directly referenced in the wallpaper that CD Projekt RED recently released
in this part is also where the bars Atlantis and Afterlife are, the Afterlife is mentioned
in the gameplay Get us that table at the Afterlife? And the Atlantis was the bar that CD Projekt RED built in their booths
past E3 and GamesCom and, although it’s not a guarantee that is going to be in the
game, why building it if it wasn’t? But, in 2077 someone could’ve built them
somewhere else, the same way they built the corporate center somewhere else The second thing that bugged me big style
is, why the fuck would a river stop existing in the middle of the city? The thing is that this theory was wrong Here’s the thing Re-reading the explanations in Talsorian Game’s
blog about the geography in Cyberpunk Red, and this time putting a little more reading
comprehension to it, it’s clearly explained that Watson is built in what in 2020 was North
Oak, as it’s North, crossing the bay, from the old city center, North Madqueen, North! And in here, a bit shoutout to Ben, a moderator
in the official Cyberpunk 2077 Discord and in mine, who by the way is also who put the
subtitles in Spanish to my videos, so if you’re watching this with Spanish subtitles, you
can go to any of those two servers and thank him, he started the theory that Watson is
North Oak, even though it was clearly explained in Talsorian’s blog literally months ago so,
we both need to learn to read, buddy So, if Watson is in North Oak, then the map
is this one, being the empty part in the right of the screen Santo Domingo So, Ok, this big with vertically And remember the size I gave you before as comparison Shit, little parrot, as we say in Spain, The
crazy people at Red not only did the whole original map, they even made it bigger, because
venga! And go figure if we will also see some things outside Night City, because there are
hints here and there, and there’s also the net so venga! Estoy que lo tiro! “Right after the release of The Witcher 3,
we decided to go full blown with Cyberpunk in terms of… everything!” No, he wasn’t lying A place for everything,
everything in its place easy to say, and now,
easier than ever to do! The Kiroshi BR-38
advanced cyber eye helps you maximize
your potential by keeping everything
in order at a mere glance! Kiroshi
Your potential, our passion So, this is what we have: Watson, that is
North Oak, Westbrook, Heywood, Rancho Coronado, the formerly posh Pacifica that now is the
Combat Zone, and Del Coronado Bay, if kept below the main level of Night City, would
be the reason why a river stops existing in the middle of the city, because it doesn’t,
it goes from Del Coronado Bay to San Morro Bay, although the coastline I put over the
metro map should reach Kabuki, as in the original map it reached inland to south Westbrook and
also metro maps tend to be a simplification Yes, the Kabuki mystery… This theory seems more or less sound, except
for this HUGE PART OF SOUTH NIGHT CITY MISSING!! It’s been stolen by Arasaka Truth is I always thought the Orbital Air
Space Center was an artificial island, the technology to create artificial islands and
to remove great masses of land already exists in our world nowadays, so it’s not unthinkable
to use this same technology in a futuristic environment to reshape a city without using
the trope of the nanotechnology This would explain the changes in the coastline,
although metro maps are usually an oversimplification of real geography, but still, the difference
is too big, only civil and marine engineering can explain such a difference in topography,
because the rest is there As Night City was a model city in 2020 and
Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be a soft reboot of Cyberpunk 2020 following the timeline, let’s
not forget about this detail, following the timeline, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after
the events described in Cyberpunk Red, between 2040 and 2077, EBM, Petrochem and Arasaka
would again fund a mega construction so their playground is again a model city as it was
intended to be when Richard Night was appointed the construction of Night City or, as it was
called back then, Coronado City So, toma! If stars and planets align in a way that I’m
right in this theory it also means that I’m right in this old theory of mine that I postulated
years ago that said that Red was going to keep the good parts of the now discontinued
third edition of the Cyberpunk pen and paper game, and some of you may remember me metaphorically crying when the third edition was officially discontinued and, with it, the reconstruction
of Night City because I just loved the underground part, so if I’m right, toma! We’re going to have a real badass underground,
and not abandoned metro stations and sewers Also, this presence of water below the main
level of the city, as, according to this theory of mine that go figure if it’s true, part
of Night City was built over Del Coronado Bay, this would create this underground part
that I’ve been so annoying with for long, but it also would explain why there were so
many people thinking that there was a huge presence of water in the city and started
speculating about underwater mechanics in the game, which, by the way, exist in the
lore of the Cyberpunk Universe as a good part of the 4th Corporate War happened underwater Ou yeah, I need a gif of the unicorn dance But yeah, as I said before, go figure if this
theory is true, and if it’s not, I’m sure we’ll find other thousand things to be hyped
about yes! E3 is almost here, let’s see what happens
with the trailer because this year I have something that I didn’t have last year which
is expectations, I have faith but we’ll see And talking about this, I can’t end this video
without mentioning Your Consultant David, I was sent this message this morning and I
don’t know why you’re saying this, I almost didn’t cry when I saw the badge of the 4th
on the new V, Who’s crying? You’re crying? Well, folks, thanks for watching, don’t forget
that you will be able to watch me hyperventilate live on YouTube the day of Microsoft conference
for your personal amusement, click that like button with all your might or I’ll send Mr
Ruvver to give you a disapproving look until you feel ashamed of yourself, see you in next
videos and stay being amazing!

95 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 MAP HEART ATTACK (Size explained)

  1. Wow! I never noticed that the map was THAT big! That's a huge map indeed! Way bigger than Witcher 3 as expected! MIND BLOWS UP SEVERAL TIMES

    We'll need Trauma Team on stand by when the trailer or the release date unveils at E3! XD

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  6. I don't care if the map isn't HUGE!!! I do care if the map is immersive and fun to play in. A portrait or painting and what it can offer is not limited by the size of it, the value of art can only be defined by what the painting contains that appeals to the eye and is good to look at and gives the observer a good experience and understanding of the art.

  7. I have to disagree with your recent tweet regarding the news about the cyberpunk gameplay demo at E3 not being available for those of us at home as an “overreaction”. We’ve been left with no new content or info for 9 months since after last years E3. With them stating that this years E3 was the most important one for the company led a lot of us to believe they were gearing up for a big juicy presentation… only to be massively disappointed by the news that it won’t be uploaded or streamed… so besides a trailer and maybe some new info we’re left with our continued burning desire for new content/gameplay for the game. Not an overreaction.

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    Moreover, I'm scared. Propably I'll finish this game around 2077 like other players. Imagine to complete (I mean: not to rush it) this game in months or years. Result?
    "Main issues? Sky high rate of violence and more gamers living below the poverty line than anywhere else. Can’t deny it; it’s all true… but everybody still wants to finish it. This game always got a promise for you. Might be a lie, an illusion, but it’s there… just around the corner – and it keeps you going."
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  21. On the topic of island construction I suggest you to read the introduction part of the Chrome Berets campaign book for Cyberpunk 2020.
    A corporation expanding the landmass of an island to gain jurisdiction on the new land created.
    Cheers Queen 🙂

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