Boy Playing PUBG Game Dies of Heart Attack

Boy Playing PUBG Game Dies of Heart Attack

Furkan Quereshi was 16 years old. He was from from Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. His family and relatives had gone out for a marriage. After having his lunch, he started playing PUBG. He was addicted to this game and played for 6 hours straight. His sister was sitting next to him and encouraging him. He was very excited and suddenly shouted, “Blast the bomb!” and suddenly he lost. He removed his earphones and threw his mobile. He was very angry since he lost and started crying. Earlier, he was playing with an opponent named Ayan. When his sister told him to throw the bomb, his opponent could hear the conversation. Furkan shouted that he lost and that Ayan had won. He was extremely angry and threw his phone. After he finished playing, he knelt down, started crying and then collapsed on the floor. When his family came they took him to the hospital. The doctors checked his pulse and pronounced him dead. Dr. Ashok Jain said there was no pulse and he had died. They gave him CPR and Defibrillator shocks. However he had died. Doctors said that his heart was strong as he was a swimmer. He was very excited because he was winning but at the end he lost, his heart could not bear the excitment of winning and loosing the game & his heart stopped. Furkan’s brother Mohd Hashim said that, Furkan was addicted to the game and he used to play for 18 hours a day. he has deleted the game from his mobile. Earlier the two cities of Surat and Ahmedabad had banned PUBG. However many purposely continued to play & nearly 20 were arrested by the police. After a month it started again.

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  1. The Mobile Pubg game online attack hard… Pubg shut… Family sad very….. "Mobile game online" hard….

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